Business Development Executive with 1 year experience .

Software Engineer with 1 year exp. in ASP.NET & JAVA ( J2EE)

Telecaller with 0-6 months experience

Web promotion

Web Promotion is a catch-all phrase for marketing a web site through the internet. There are four basic types of web promotion:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – The process of preparing web pages to be submitted to and ranked high in Search Engines (such as Yahoo!, Google, MSN, AOL, etc.) If your pages are already ranked, then SEO gets your pages ranked Higher.
  2. HTPL Marketing - HTPL marketing describes any strategy that encourages individuals to pass on a marketing message to others, creating the potential for growth in message's exposure and influence. Leyline further associates this term with the frequency of the return customer.
  3. Associate/Affiliate Programs – Link referral and link exchanges - the joining of geographic or occupation-specific web sites that are complimentary in services or product.
  4. Paid Advertising - Google AdWords or Overture are examples of paid advertising, where you "pay-per-click" - if someone clicks on the ads from a search engine and go to your site, you get billed for that click.

What is the difference between
Web Promotion & Web Design?

Web Design... Web Promotion...
...encompasses the visual aspect of the site; all you see here, the elegant graphics at the top and side of this web page, is web design. the promotion of a web site that is already built. Web Promotion includes Search Engine Optimization, Viral Marketing, Creative Writing, and Ad Campaign Management.

However, web promotion and web design work very closely together to make a web site that is successful and encourages someone to buy a product or service. Therefore, it is difficult to separate the two in terms of where one task ends and the other begins.

To complicate things further, creative writing is a collaborative effort between the owners of the site, the web designer, and the web promoter.

To operate a successful site you need great web design and superior web promotion.

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