Business Development Executive with 1 year experience .

Software Engineer with 1 year exp. in ASP.NET & JAVA ( J2EE)

Telecaller with 0-6 months experience

Shot code services  

SMS Short Code

  • Unique National/ Global easy reach SMS identity
  • Short Code/ Long Code based on Content requirements
  • Automated Two-way Messaging - Easy to configure Auto Response/ URL Response
  • Keyword/ Sub-Keyword Facility for multiple types of Queries Processing
  • Easy Integration in to Website ODBC Data
  • Multiple Options: Wide range of Choices for Short Codes/ Long Code
  • Revenue Sharing Mechanism for huge inflow volume
  • SMS Alerts, E-mail Alerts for Incoming Messages
  • Detailed listing of Callers for Post-sales promotion
SMS Message Service on Short Codes and Long Code Numbers: Short Code: A Short code Number service avails 4/ 5/ 6 digits Global Access Number that avails ease of remembering and Multi-Operator support. All Short Codes are available in respective Country amongst majority of the Cellular Operators. Messages sent to Short Code Numbers are charged at Premium Rate (Rate Higher than regular SMS sending Rate as set by Operator). Long Code: A Long code Number Service service avails regular 10 Digit Countrywide Number irrespective of Operator tie-up and special settings. All Messages sent to Long code numbers are charged on Normal rates as per Sender's Billing Plan.