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Web Sites like Yahoo, CNN and MSN are considered portals and are gateways into the Internet for many users. A Portal designing attracts a broad (horizontal) range of users, whereas portals appeal to a more narrowed (vertical) audience. Portals focus on a group of people with a specific passion or interest. They are sometimes called 'online communities' or ' vertical portals.' Here you can chat with others interested in the services provided on the site. You can also buy products and books and find information about the products. We have Trade portal, Portal or e portal solution for all portal design. This Portal development may include adding several features or components that are not normally found on a typical site. For example, you may need a discussion forum so that your visitors can share ideas or experiences. To get this forum working on your site requires installing a third party software (component). Reusing Existing Components vs Building From Scratch, the reuse of existing components or the modular approach to building a portal is faster and cost effective. We can create a custom portal from the ground up or we can integrate pieces that have already been developed. The reuse of existing components or the modular approach to building a portal is faster and cost effective. Using these components as the building blocks that form the framework of the site we then can add your content. Look at the menu of components below and decide what you want to build. There are many other components or modules you may wish to add to your Portal/e portal. Reusable Components: The Building Blocks of Your Site Shopping Cart: For online purchase of products or services Chat: This allows users to chat online Calendar: Shows events or lets users post events Search Keyword or phrase: search of the whole site Classified Ads: Allow users or members to post their own classified ads Rotate Banner Ads: This component displays ads for a specified time on each page Application Form: Visitors can complete an application and send it via email Auction: Conduct live auctions Quiz: Use it for online courses or for fun Survey and Poll: Get helpful information about visitors coming to your site Links: Allow visitors to add their favorite links Order Management System: Allows to place the online order Refer To Friend: Using this you can send your favourate page to your friends Payment Gateway: Allows you to do online transactions.